The name of a midsize Toyota sedan; derived from the Japanese word "Kan-muri" which means "little crown" or "beyond compare."

First seen on the 1980 JDM Celica Camry, a four-door RWD sedan based on the Celica, and concurrently used on a line of FWD midsize sedans since 1982.
by John November 26, 2003
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Anagram for "My Car", as seen on recent Toyota ads.
I drove the Camry through the streets of Camden.
by DarkDan September 20, 2003
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A popular car model produced by Toyota.
did you see that car he was driving? It was a Toyota Camry!
by loon July 9, 2003
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A mindlesly demonic vehicle capable of possessing its operator and all who enter it. Also a famed "shaggin' wagon". Usually comes fills the driver with hatred and anger, much like the ring of power.
A: Yo, stop fucking in my camry.
B: Dude, YOU'RE fucking in the camry.
A: Oh, then why am I so angry?
by Clegis Picayune January 21, 2004
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Generic midsize automobile produced by Toyota Motor Company. Usually overpriced and overhyped, this car sells 400,000 annually despite being a rolling appliance. While Consumer Reports paints the Camry as reliable and an excellent buy, little is known that among the American carbuying public that they produce various forms of engine sludge as well as contain flimsy and cheap interior pieces and transmission shifting problems. Toyota claims "driver error" and many times refuses to correct the problem because Toyota's are supposed to be God's gift of perfection. In summary, save yourself the trouble and buy anything other than a Camry.
Jim's Camry began to experience massive oil sludging in the engine due to poor valve seals at 50,000 miles. Jim will never buy an overhyped Camry lemon ever again.
by jim_0275 July 18, 2005
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Comes from the ancient latin term "camrius," meaning shitbucket.
Here comes that Camry...can you believe that moron actually still has that?
by Tommy Boy71 February 22, 2009
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a female who has the magic key to unlock the "closet" (this means she lets gay men know they are gay. she turns them gay as well.
::gay man comes out:: Damn camry got yet another!
by booboo head November 26, 2003
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