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Verb- When you reach an orgasm and you accidentally crap out your ass.
Frat Guy #1- "I was hooking up with that slut and I really had to take a shit so I decided just to finish, and when I jizzed I jizzed so hard a little bit of shit came out"

Frat Guy #2- "Dude you totally SHIZZED! It's when you jizz and a little bit of shit comes out
by houston March 30, 2009
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Endearing term for a homosexual who sells his body for menial goods or favors. Uses the motto "This crack's for hire, even if we're just dancing in the dark."
I told that fucka that I wasn't a buttcrack and to keep his damn chips, but he kept propositioning me.
by houston August 6, 2003
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To quote a famous mexican comedian: "It is a term of excitement like yeehaw is to the country folk." It does not have a definite meaning but it makes you feel good to say it.
Jonnies:Hay vato! Que viva la rasa!
Iggy: Orale!!! Que viva!!!
by houston October 28, 2004
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Official designation for freshman cadets at The Citadel. Called such because their shaved heads resemble shiny door knobs. Of course, that is what their Public Affairs Office wants you to believe. After reading some of these definitions, I am beginning to wonder. Perhaps sending my baby boy to a military college that calls him a knob would not be wise... Hmmm...
John was shocked to learn not only the true definition of a knob but that as one, he would be expected to assume certain unpleasant duties...
by houston September 26, 2003
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Something that is spectacularly jankey.

An party, event, or extravaganza while fun for some is rather low brow, and rather ghetto.
Wow dude your $400 Ford Pinto is Janktakular.

Drugged out raver- "Hey you want to head to that party out in the desert with the generator "PLURYLIFE #5" I hear some random person nobodies ever heard of is playing"

Someone with something better to do- "Dude why would I want to go to that JANKTAKULAR on a Friday night, let's head to Hollywood"
by houston February 18, 2009
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When two people simultaneously give the Nazi salute to each other and their hands meet in a high five, thus the name Heil Five.
Nazi Shithead #1: hello fellow facist wow that is a nice swastika

Nazi Shithead #2: why thank you

Nazi Shithead #1: yes that deserves a Heil Five

(they proceed to heil five)
by houston June 18, 2006
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