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Mexican/chicano word that not only means "hell yeah" or "roght on", but has lots and lots of meanings.
Also used to: indicate surprise ("Orale, homes, that bitch has a huge ass!").
Orale, homes. Pass the J, ese.
by Pedro January 13, 2004
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To quote a famous mexican comedian: "It is a term of excitement like yeehaw is to the country folk." It does not have a definite meaning but it makes you feel good to say it.
Jonnies:Hay vato! Que viva la rasa!
Iggy: Orale!!! Que viva!!!
by houston October 28, 2004
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Spanish word used among Mexicans meaning 'right on', 'hell yes', 'okay' and 'alright'; usually said enthusiastically.
There's going to be tons of free beer at the quincenera, want to go?

by Visionary Angel May 21, 2006
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Used by chicanos, It's a mexican word probably shortening for "now" (ahora) turning first into "ora" and then to "Órale". Which has no direct translation, but so many uses:
1. Now
2. Go away
3. WTF or a surprise exclamation
4. A violent invitation to fight always followed by "vas" or "va" which is "go". always said in an intimidating tone
5. Very similar to number 4, but calmly said, it's just acceptance or agreement. Sometimes followed by "pues" meaning you are agreeing but not fully pleased. It can also turn into "Órales" if the agreement it's a happy one.

6. C'mon
1. Go with Tía Perlita and ask her for tortillas, pero órale

2. Órale, puto, you are not welcome here.
3. —Look at my eye, it's red and swelling

—órale, man, that's crazy, you should go see a doctor.
4. —I'll kick your mexican ass
—Orale, va, culero.
5. —Do you want me to record you eating that chile habanero?
—Should I keep going if you start crying?
—Órale, pues
—I'll pay you 50 bucks
6. Órale, wey, we can't be here all day.
by sirako December 07, 2016
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What a gentleman says before making any sort of remark.
"Orale, I'm so cultured, homes."
by ComradePantzov February 21, 2009
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Its a Chicano word. It can mean lots of things, 2 of its uses is like hell yea, or its like Wat Up, or Wats Good.
*Hell Yeah Use*
Paco: We gettin some major Dinero ese!
Benny: Orale, thats wat im talkin bout!

*The Greeting Form*
Devonte: A Wats Poppin My Chicano Nig?
Carlos: Orale, Como Estas ese
by Mr. Wat It Do May 21, 2008
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