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"Internet Gaming Network". A vast site built for "reviewing" video games that is actually used as an Xbox worship shrine.

Anything that isn't on Xbox gets rated lower.
Anything on Xbox that is an FPS that isn't Call of Duty or Halo gets rated lower.
Anything relatively fun gets rated lower.

But if it's Call of Duty on Xbox, it gets rated near perfect scores. And IGN vowed to "never give out perfect scores. No game is perfect." Fucking assholes.

Most of the "reviews" are bias as Hell, and the games always get rated depending on what console it's on and how much the company that owns the game they're "reviewing" bribes them.

A perfect example for IGN's shitty-ness are their "reviews" for the new Madden NFL games. All of them are rated high-as-fuck even though Madden games are the same bullshit every year, just with different character designs.

IGN has never, and will never, write a good review that isn't about a game made by their gods EA, Activision, and Microsoft.

Did I mention they were also owned by a news broadcast? Something like FOX News? That would make a lot a sense.
You can't spell "ignorant" without IGN, kids!
by Mister Cookie November 06, 2012

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Guy: "Siri, from now on, call me "Reject Shit Head"."
Siri: "Okay. From now on, I'll call you "Reject 9gag Head". Is that what you wanted?"
by Mister Cookie September 20, 2012

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Now, there are two ways to deal with a brony (a male fan of My Little Pony). You could either say "lol Internet" ignore the bronies, and call it a day, or you could take the more comical route. This definition covers the latter.

Before butthurt ensues, there is a big difference between someone who dislikes bronies, and being an anti brony.

Anti bronies will specifically go out of their way to spew whatever they can against bronies to the point of making their own anti brony Facebook pages, YouTube channels, (I shit you not) anti brony Call of Duty threads, and whatever they can get their grubby little hands on.

They are typically found in the ages between 10-30 (mostly 13, go figure) and, like some bronies, are the most annoying things you can find on the Internet.
Not only will they spam anything pony-related, but they make their own (albeit shitty) anti brony rap songs, anti brony Minecraft servers, even break the fucking law to deface pony murals, and so on.

Anything that a brony might do that annoys you, anti bronies have sure covered it, except it's a thousand times more annoying because, well, at least bronies enjoy themselves when they do pony-stuff, they don't watch My Little Pony to write bios with (LITERALLY) over 9,000 characters in text why the show sucks.

And if you still don't believe me, go on YouTube and search "mlp sucks". The first video is a chubby 10-year-old in his basement whining in front of a camera. And the rest of the anti bronies are afraid to show themselves (lol).

And this is coming from somebody who isn't a brony anymore.
by Mister Cookie February 16, 2013

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A contraction of "you are" that a painfully large group of dumbasses mistake for "your".
Guy 1: Your a total idiot!

Guy 2: It's "You're", dumbfuck.

Guy 1: no it's not! It's clearly spelled "your"! idiot!

Guy 2: Your irony is delicious!
by Mister Cookie September 20, 2012

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We wants it, we needs it.
We must have the precious ring.
They stole it from us.
Sneaky little editorses.
Wicked, tricksy, false!
by Mister Cookie October 29, 2012

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A male fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Also a failed spelling of "Brony".

A Brony refers to ONE Brony.
Bronies refers to TWO or MORE Bronies.
Bronie refers to someone who can't utilize proper spelling.
If anyone starts worshiping or bitching about bronies, and they say "bronie" referring to one brony, don't listen to them. They clearly haven't done enough research and will most likely fuck up whatever they're trying to prove.
by Mister Cookie November 05, 2012

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An inside joke is something that a select group of people, and only those select few people, will ever understand until it is explained to anyone outside of that group.

Something Urban Dictionary really seems to hate. Seriously, I can understand removing definitions with people's full names in them, because that can be used to track people. But inside jokes? Really? They aren't all THAT bad, at least compared to all the racist, sexist, offensive shit on this site. But scroll down to the "Remove" button. Full names and inside jokes are THE ONLY 2 reasons to remove definitions, nothing else. What the fuck.

Guy: What?

*Joke is explained*

Guy: I still don't see why it's THIS funny...

Group: Are you kidding!? Hahahhahaha!!!
Everyone: Why does this site hate inside jokes to the point of deleting them and nothing that is actually worth the time of deleting?
by Mister Cookie October 27, 2012

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