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1. The talk-show hosted by Satan herself.

2. Satan!!!
If you have just watch Oprah, You have sold your soul.
by Loki353637 July 12, 2008

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1. The most visited region than any other in Texas. Most loved for its scenery, it includes the following cities: San Antonio, Austin, Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, San Marcos and Alamo Heights. It includes many attractions that the family, friends or anyone can enjoy. For example: Seaworld Texas, Lyndon Baynes Johnson Memorial, Natural Bridge Caverns, The Riverwalk, The Alamo, the Texas State Capitol, Aquarena Springs and other places of interest (which is why this place as a lot of visitors).

2. Edwards Plateau (geographical term).

3. Setting of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

4. Area in Texas where the road goes up-and-down repeatably.

5. Where The South meets Southwest.
Damn the Texas Hill Country has lots of things to do!!!!
by Loki353637 July 12, 2008

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1. Also known as the San Antonio de Valero, a mission in San Antonio, Texas most widely known for the battle that took place there.

2. The name of the battle and the siege that took place in February and March of 1836 where hundreds (the true number of defenders is really unknown) of Texans (Tejano or white) defended the mission, now a fort, because they believe if they lose San Antonio, back then the largest city in Texas, all chances for Independence will be lost, but instead fuelled the idea of Independence.

3. The famouse battle cry used in the Battle of San Jacinto.

4. The official nickname for San Antonio.

5. The most haunted site in Texas.

6. Anything named after the battle or mission.
1. Me: I always see The Alamo while I'm wondering in Downtown San Antonio.

2. Teacher: Today we will learn the significance of the Battle of The Alamo on Texas History.

3. Texas Soldier: Remember The Alamo!!!

4. The Alamo City.

5. Scared Tourist: Holy Shit, The Alamo is Haunted!!!!

6. The Alamodome.
by Loki353637 July 12, 2008

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