a migratory pack animal that drunkenly stumbles onto your porch and sets your couch on fire. they are the uninvited guests who throw inappropriate things (i.e. veggie oil, pressure treated lumber, spray paint cans, someone else's full beers) into a bonfire. while under your roof, they will talk shit on "house punks" while their shitty dog attacks your dog. the term crosses subcultural boundaries; includes hippies, punks, metalheads, ravers, etc.
Man, I wish those oogles would leave town. That guy already asked me for change three times today.
by pissmouth February 16, 2009
a diragatory name for a person who hangs out with streetkids and thinks he or she is one but he has a place to go when it gets too cold or rough. Not a truly a streetkid or gutterpunk.
I hate that oogle, spare changing when you know that in two days he'll go home to his mom's house.
by derek January 18, 2004
to gaze in amiration, as if to have a crush
Brian caused Michelle's head to get sprung, there for causing her to oogle at him.
by crusher December 1, 2004
Mike (author of definition #3): learn your slang before you try to educate us. The nu metal loving, jnco wearing monkeys that breed in the suburbs have nothing to do with the word ogle, which isn't even slang.
The oogles breaking bottles in the jungle ogled my Ulver patch because it was awe-inspiring yet daunting to see an example of true metal in their midst.
by Sir Isington Foppenhouse January 8, 2008
(v)to stare at a beautiful boy who makes your knees weak, your mouth drop, and whos smile gives you butterflies.
Me: Deven, you were totally oogleing at that boy
Deven: No i wasn't!!
Me: Admit it. you love him.
Deven: thats cause hes HOTT.
by mollie & deven November 19, 2006
We went to Best Buy to oogle at the digital camcorders.
by Wilson October 10, 2003
A word used by Christina to describe perverts who ogle her
She felt dirty as she got oogled
by sarge October 9, 2005