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a migratory pack animal that drunkenly stumbles onto your porch and sets your couch on fire. they are the uninvited guests who throw inappropriate things (i.e. veggie oil, pressure treated lumber, spray paint cans, someone else's full beers) into a bonfire. while under your roof, they will talk shit on "house punks" while their shitty dog attacks your dog. the term crosses subcultural boundaries; includes hippies, punks, metalheads, ravers, etc.
Man, I wish those oogles would leave town. That guy already asked me for change three times today.
by pissmouth February 15, 2009
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Oogles are street rats that don't have street smarts. They are the ICP kids, the tweekers on bikes, the 15 year olds who runaway cause they think it's cool, not cause their lives at home weren't working out. Another good word for an oogle is poser. The kids that pose as punx don't know shit about the scene, don't know shit about the music. Age is often a big part of oogle-ism, you have to be around for a while before people will respect you in street scenes. Some kids grow up and get street cred. Others are doomed to be oogles for the whole time they choose to hang out. Tweekers and 'juggalos' are doomed to be oogles for all of eternity. Oogles don't know shit about squatting. these are the kids that sleep in doorways. You find them in every city.
"Yeah, that oogle got murdered cause he was too stupid to find a safe place to sleep, some jock rolled him in his sleeping bag outside of the library."
by D2FM October 17, 2006
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a diragatory name for a person who hangs out with streetkids and thinks he or she is one but he has a place to go when it gets too cold or rough. Not a truly a streetkid or gutterpunk.
I hate that oogle, spare changing when you know that in two days he'll go home to his mom's house.
by derek January 17, 2004
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someone dumb to the fact theyre a stupid jackass who wont shut up. someone that hangs out at drop-ins (esp. in NYC) all the time go to the head of the class. someone who says your black flag tattoo doesnt look like a black flag. vietnam vets take advantage of idiots like this by selling them oxys which are4 in fact pheno-barbitol. also: they get pulled off trains in richmond, and after a stern warning, decide to ride the chinatown bus from now on
no you cant be addicted to tylenol or get drunk on cough syrup, silly oogle.
by sir metal of boots June 20, 2011
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1. A person who for some unknown reason decides that he wants to be a pretend-a-street kid even though he/she has a house. The word "housey" works as well
2. a poser of any sorts
3. That loser kid that thinks you are the illest shit in the entire universe and does anything humanly possible just to be your friend. this includes buying you things, paying your rent, sleeping with you (if that's your kinda thing). You can treat this kid like shit and you're still his best friend. In prison this person would be referred to as your bitch!
1. person a: So that kid "Trainwreck" just got back from Cali
person b: Cali?! you mean mom and dad's? everyone knows that Trainwreck is a worthless oogle!
2. Is that a vegan chick at BK?! Omg what an oogle
3. person a: omg I am like 20 bucks short on some concert tickets and I really want to go
person b: why don't you call your oogle, what was his name again?
person a: can't, I sold his soul for some tool tickets 2 months ago remember
person b: that was 2 months ago! you're still good he's an oogle remember?
by theveggiejerk November 29, 2009
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There is no definition for this word, because it is only a mispronounciation of the word Ogle, pronounced "ahh gul" or "Oh-gul" but not "Ooh-gul," which of course means to stare at impertinently, flirtatiously, or amorously.
I was ogling at that chick, not oogling.
by Mike Miller March 18, 2004
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