16 definitions by Wilson

fucking good idea!
this usually follows after some lazy nerd tells you to fgi fucking google it.
Hellman109: fgi

Sturmy: FGI mate NERD
by Wilson October 13, 2004
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1. Poet that emigrates from USA an goes mad to the bone. 2. One who usually wants to emulate Walt Whitman 3. Man in a cage. 4. Nazi.
by Wilson January 28, 2004
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=soooooooooooo pretty
=super cool
oiPxSio is the greatest!
Hidi be soooooooo pretty
by Wilson January 21, 2003
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We went to Best Buy to oogle at the digital camcorders.
by Wilson October 10, 2003
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When one is sent into the corner of a room, to speak quietly and coherently to oneself, with focus on remedial action on previous actions that initiated the demand from friend to go and "Have a word with yourself" (V)do the obvious
Shall we spit roast your bird tonight?
"Think you need to go and have a word with yourself"
by Wilson September 29, 2004
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The word that me WilsoNnnNNnnnNNN and tomMmMmmMYyy made up and it was a typo for "fob" (fresh off the boat). This word is used as a replacement for fob. because it is way too overused.
Yo he is so gobby, he talks like he just came from china.
by Wilson April 16, 2004
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used mainly by biffy clyro fans-- "Mon the Biffy!!" screamed the boyo.. .- This is screamed at every moment anywhere at any time.
by Wilson December 3, 2004
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