Similar to a guido, only this term refers to the Mexican faction of these people. They usually wear designer clothes , ugly Deisel shoes, Nextel Boost Mobile phones attached to the hip, and guys have spiked up hair with loads of gel. They use a lot of Spanish slang and are often loud and obnoxious. Party a lot and blast shitty techno from their cars. This term seems to be limited to San Diego, feel free to let me know otherwise.
Those socials will be partying in TJ tonight.
by Lightbulb March 26, 2005
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A person who uses every way possible to communicate with as many people or groups as possible. Often using technology to do so via text messages, mass email, blogs, vlogs, Roxer websites, and especially social networks like facebook, myspace, twitter, and more.
Olivia: Hey, did you catch all my tweets today?

Ariston: Yeah, but I didn't read them all. Had to work. I can only be a social on weekends.
by Nightasha March 25, 2009
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Someone who tries to get everyone at a party to drink lots of alcohol or smoke till they are fucked. They try to get everyone as fucked up as they are.
Jen- What is up with Mike. he is off the wall
Sam- He is a fucking social motherfucker and he is trying to get all those hussies to take body shot.
by Joshy V June 11, 2010
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Meaning of two or more people talking and communicating in a group. Texting is not a form of socialising and is only a way to communicate. People who are social make plans and are out with there friends and family, not staying at home.
Someone who’s is still socialanble:

“Hi are you going out tonight?”
“Of course!”
Someone who isn’t sociable

“Hi are you going out tonight?”
“No I’m just staying at home on my phone
by Socialising July 23, 2018
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Sexual stimulation by casual conversation, often to the point of orgasm.
I went to a social with my cousin yesterday, it was pretty fun.

Dude what the fuck!?
by CommunistGrouchoMarx September 25, 2018
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Being forced and kicked out into the cold, cruel world of humans, isolated from your precious self and having nothing to do but interact with the monsters nearby you. And then when you're not being exposed to this torture, everyone just thinks you're a sociopath or something.
"At the mum party, Bob was forced to be socializing with other mother's opressed children"
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