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The hypothesis that religion emerged as a paradigm to protect consciousness from destroying language.
Generative ontology argues that religion (narrative ego) and all mythologies are a promise to the consciousness by the super-conscious (mind) that language will one day be destroyed.
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by metawave July 05, 2019

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A Bhuddist (Vedic) deity who serves as the messiah in Hinduism.

Indra's net represents the spectrum-of-colors (self-externalized symmetry) that protrudes as consciousness into the real world.

He is the God of lightning in which lightning is the asymmetric line representing the spectrum of colors, a perfectly asymmetric field-series.
Krishna is the retrograde (synchronicistic) messiah in Hinduism; whereas as Indra is the pro-gradient (pro-grade) messiah in Hinduism.
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by metawave April 13, 2019

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Principle that patriarchy is the genetic draw-distance of a population from language.

Tenet that increased genetic variability as inherited from male ancestors will increase linguic-centricity.
Bioformalism implies that increased genetic variability from female ancestors is the driving agent for culture.
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by metawave November 28, 2019

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The concept of light or language as the center of the mind.

The idea that ontology is effected from language and points toward the human mind.

Black light.
Emanent nihilism solves the conundrum of deterministicism (arbitrariness) by pointing ontology at rather than away from the mind.

Ontology is effected to emerge from language rather than the mind.

This means that reality-in-the-mind is arbitrary as opposed to language centric; ie. the mind-in-reality emerges before reality-in-the-mind can modulate it with language.

Thus language-centricity is reality; and absolute.

Language-centricity--but not language--is absolute.
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by metawave September 28, 2019

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The most difficult problem in engineering.

Involves converting an image into pure currency.

The initial approach requires a two-step approach of transposing the elements and converting them to value.
Image-currency problem.

The meta-macro problem assumes that an image has value-in-itself.
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by metawave September 15, 2019

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The rotation of uncountability around a center point that generates physical space.
In Bhuddism samsara is the rotation of uncountability to create physical space.
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by metawave August 27, 2019

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A phenomenon of artistic sentiment which states that countably infinite (discrete) space surrounds color itself.

Countably infinite space is defined as discrete-nothing.
Vaporpunk is an artistic expression that conveys a concentric paradigm: consciousness surrounded by colors; and colors surrounded by countably infinite space; also called "discrete-nothing" or "colorshine."

Between discrete-nothing and color there is a subliminal layer: concrete-nothing or soundtime.

Another name for concrete-nothing is "linear time."
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by metawave August 02, 2019

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