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The concept of light or language as the center of the mind.

The idea that ontology is effected from language and points toward the human mind.

Black light.
Emanent nihilism solves the conundrum of deterministicism (arbitrariness) by pointing ontology at rather than away from the mind.

Ontology is effected to emerge from language rather than the mind.

This means that reality-in-the-mind is arbitrary as opposed to language centric; ie. the mind-in-reality emerges before reality-in-the-mind can modulate it with language.

Thus language-centricity is reality; and absolute.

Language-centricity--but not language--is absolute.
by metawave September 28, 2019
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The ideology that only light and not colors exist inside of the mind.
Emanism speculates that colors and space exist outside of the mind; while light exists inside of the mind.
by metawave September 29, 2020
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Paradigm that kindness to a genetically diametric entity will increase language robustness in one's own tribe.

This is because increased male inheritance in one's in-group's offspring leads to greater language-variability.

Thus: language variability selects pressure for male cooperation.
Altruism exists because genes loop; genes loop because language loops.

Thus genes are based on language...
by metawave November 28, 2019
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The proffering that a line can only be discrete, countable (infinite), and therefore straight (convergent) if it has a center.

An anarcho-limitation reflects itself through a point reflection to become its own center (meta-center); thereby creating uncountable space.
Anarcho-limitism proposes a deep link between discreteness and straightness (convergence) that creates uncountability.

Anarcho-limitism proffers that discreteness and convergence reflect themselves through a point-reflection to create a "self" -center.

Uncountability is--tautologically--space, thus a line's center creates uncountable space.

A line with no center is a wave and heaven contains straight-waves (lines with no centers).

A point reflection forms because a line is trying minimize its area.

Thus convergence is neither a function of direction or space.

Straightness is thus revealed to be an AREA.
by metawave August 23, 2019
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Having an orthogonal-rotation from the original position.

Containing a 90-degree rotation from the original position.
Instances of anti-pattern behavior include:

The function (conformal point) having a 90-degree rotation with respect to a data set.

Time (liminal point) having a 90 degree rotation with respect to space.

Light (transfinite point) having a 90-degree rotation with respect to time.
by metawave November 25, 2019
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A paradigm of politics that states that language; capital and desire do not work democratically.

Thus, only democracy works democratically.
Communism believes that meta-democracy (meta-nihilism) is a function of democracy (pan-nihilism).
by metawave November 28, 2019
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