A reference to the internet or AIM. It sounds stupid to intelligent people.
I was talking to him on the online. I had sex with him on the online. My online broke, I can't get on the online.
by your mother April 16, 2003
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An onliner is someone who plays CS online and does things which are normally impossible to do on LAN. For example an onliner may HS you while on a ladder or while in mid air. These acts are usually met with agression from players who recieve such ridiculous HS's and thus the term onliner was born.
"Get fuck you stupid onliner, diol"
"Yeah id like to see that online you stupid random"
by Mogga December 15, 2005
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The fact of maintaining a constant online presence, in order to be able to instantly react to any new internet developments, no matter how insignificant. Onlineness may lead to acute loneliness and pathological syndromes such as extralineaphobia.

Onliners often have a very limited and/or virtual social life, despite new technological developments such as smartphones enabling them to be on the internet at all times. Side effects to social onlineness include annoying behaviours such as googling-every-word-in-a-real-life-conversation to more dangerous ones like uploading-pictures-of-that-car–wreck-while-driving.
- Matt's become such an extreme onliner, it's impossible to have a chat with him without at some point having to react to one of his virtual friends' tweet. I think I'll stop seeing him altogether.

- Yeah, or you could offer him to have drinks on a video call. That'd make him feel silly enough he'd stop.

- You dream, I bet he'd be up for it.

- Onlineness is a bitch.
by Jacobus De Gnapet January 09, 2013
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A phrase used by insecure Counter-Strike players to insult other players who don't compete on LAN after getting owned by some dude who is probably better than him
Player 1: *Owns Player 2*
Player 2: Do that on LAN you fucking onliner piece of shit
by randomnibbaman December 29, 2018
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Bay Area slang meaning that you are slanging. That you have drugs for sale.
(dread-head)"yo is you online yet?"
(D-Boy) "yeah mayne im online with that good"
by Jay Jona April 30, 2008
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It's My name
Please it's Onlin
Not Online
-Hey do you know Onlin
by Onl1n February 21, 2021
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the ability of a device to connect to the internet.
Yeah, I can view certain websites on my Blackberry, but the iPhone has better onlineability.

Xbox Live completely pwns the Playstation network in terms of onlineabilty.
by Aretelio July 17, 2008
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