Most commonly refers to the area around the bay located in the northern region of California. The peninsula part is based around San Francisco. The other major areas include Oakland in the east bay, and San Jose in the south bay. The Bay Area constitutes of all those regions and suburbs of those cities near the bay. There are, however, common misconceptions of the bay area, such as the Bay Area of Memphis, Tennessee, as well as a few others. THE BAY AREA MOST COMMONLY REFERS TO THE REGION IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, YOU CAN NOT DENY THAT.
The rapper Lil' Wyte states that he is from the Bay Area. He is not from the Bay Area in Northern California, so he is in fact a pussy bitch. E-40 and Too Short are from the Bay Area; Vallejo and Oakland, respectively. Dont hate on the Cali Bay Area just cause your state's Bay Area isnt as well known.

Here's an analogy...When people say Portland (there are 14 Portlands in the U.S.), they're most likely talkin about the one in Oregon.

(my bad if i didnt name your city in the definition of the bay area...i got love for the whole bay...vallejo, concord, richmond, pittsburg, sunnyvale, palo alto (EPA), fremont, mateo, marin, berkeley, and every lil town i forgot from gilroy to sactown to santa rosa and back down)
by SayinItHowItIs May 3, 2005
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Aka YaY Area
Home of the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers.

Richmond, Oakland, Vallejo, Pittsburg, San Jose, Hercules, Berkeley, etc.

Northern California also the home of
rappers E-40, San Quin, Federation, Messy Marv, Keak Da Sneak & the one and only MAC DRE!
I'm from the Yay Area Bitch fuck the rest the Yayz da best
by hhgegege March 7, 2005
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John: Where's the best place to live in the US?
Tom: It has to be the Bay Area.
by YouWillNeverKnowMe December 22, 2005
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The Bay Area is a metropolitan area made up of 12 counties and major cities like San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Stockton, all located in Northern California, there may be many "bay areas" but the best and only important one is the one im referring to. Its locally known to be only 9 counties but in the bay we spread the love so we include the extra 3 counties. Its population is at 8.5 million and growing insanely fast. You know about the bay because we have some of musics biggest and most talented artists and legendary rappers like Tupac, E-40, Mac Dre, Too Short, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, Grateful Dead, 4 non Blondes, Metallica, and many other rappers. The hyphy movement started here, we invented the word hella ,Yiking and dipping started here, we have the best cannabis available in the entire world LITERALLY, and We have some of the best and worst sports teams in the country.
person 1: Im going to the bay area?
Person 2: what bay area?
person 1: the one with HELLA good weed and where the bitches YIKE!
Person 2: oh hell yeah i wanna go to
by 559 to 916 November 27, 2014
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Any city that touches the SF Bay. Except Pinole and Rodeo.

Most commonly refers to the cities of Oakland, San Francisco, Richmond, Vallejo and Berkeley.
Livermore, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Piedmont, etc. NOT BAY AREA..
by .........,,,,,,,,,, October 14, 2009
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The richest urban area in the US. Basically, if you're from the Bay you got money. Everyone has nice cars and live In nice houses. Divided into sections:
-Peninsula= San Fran, San Mateo, Daly City, Burlingame, hills borough, etc.. Uber expensive, classy, foggy, urban.
-Marin county= north bay, foggy, coldish, wealthiest county, classy, belvedere is hella rich.

-East bay= Oakland - poor rich gap, gangsters, raiders, rich people in the hills. Berkeley- hella smart and liberal. Richmond-oil refinery. Orinda- rich country club. Walnut creek/concord- suburb. Danville, Alamo, Diablo, blackhawk= uber rich, wealthiest part of California. Mount diablo largest view shed in Western Hemisphere.

-South Bay/Silicon Valley - pretty much every single tech company. Hotter weather,traffic, rich people, tech capital of the world.

In essence, the Bay Area is the center of the tech world, refineries, money, shipping.. It is extremely awesome- 8 million + people all rich and classy. Classiest and richest part of the United States.
You're from the Bay Area??

You must have money!

Why yes! I'm an executive at Google and I have 4 houses and I love wine and BMWs. I live in Los Altos Hills.
by californiaAlltheway July 10, 2014
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Bay Area in Memphis is another name for Frayser, which is north of downtown and east of Raleigh. It is home to rappers such as Three Six Mafia, Frayser Boy, 8 Ball & MJG, and many others. Lil Wyte is NOT from Frayser. He is actually from Shebly Forest which is a rural area north of Frayser. He just hung out in Frayser sometimes so he claims he's from there, but dont let him fool you.

Bay Area in Cali is whack as hell. Some ppl like to make it seem hood, but in reality its not. Sure there may be some ghetto parts, but as a whole the Bay Area in Cali is mostly white & liberal. Home to a large gay population, and tree huggers. Im sorry but its tru and you know it. So stop hating on Bay Area Memphis.

What do ppl think about when they hear San Francisco??

What do ppl think about when they hear Memphis??

Bay Area in Memphis is 100X realer than Bay Area Cali.
by Janeeelll June 28, 2006
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