Andre: i fronted a 8 ball from dis D boy at 3 o clock yesterday
Robert: u sold dat shit?
Andre: yea but at 5 o clock he wantd da money....
by k2 December 2, 2003
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Lil Wayne - I'm a Dboy

I'm a D-Boy
bitch, I'm a D-Boy
I want my dope, boy
I got the scope in the Rov' for the jack boys
I got money in my pocket
I got money on my block
I got the money and the power

Young Jeezy - Still on It

I said that D-Boy bullshit
yeah, I'm still on it
got a half a brick left... do anybody want it?
they going for the 10, you can get it for the 8
just holler at your boy when you're trying to get straight
I said that D-Boy bullshit
yeah, I'm still on it
think I got a needle left... do anybody want it?
they going for the 5, you can get it for the 4
we keep it right here, just let a nigga know
by Sky Lind May 27, 2008
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A slur used by Class-D personnel to refer to themselves, but it is considered offensive and socially unacceptable for non Class-Ds to say it.
NTF Commander: drop your weapon, D-Boy.

Class-D: You can’t say that.
by MassiveShibe March 6, 2022
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A lyric that Suga of BTS rapped on 'Ma City'
I was born in Daegu, I was raised in Daegu
Getting a blood transfusion is hard,
my blood runs blue
This bastard doesn’t get tired
of talking about Daegu on every album,
you could think that but
I’m a D-boy yeah I’m a D-boy
by Greaty April 19, 2018
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Short for Dough-Boy. A drug dealer or gangster. Specifically someone from Detroit who went to Detroit Pershing High School (Pershing "Dough-Boys").
Those west side fuck boys can't show their faces at 7 Mile E/Ryan, that's the D-Boys block.
by thathandleisalreadyinusebysum1 January 16, 2015
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Anyone who lives in the devon area of milford and is involved in crime or gangs or strait hustlin'. You can usually find a D-Boy in a group of hard motha fkas who dont play around. D-Boyz can scrap and go hard to everything they aint down for that fake pussy crap.
them some hard ass D-Boyz
by OGChopz October 26, 2006
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Another term for a D-Class personnel, often used by the D-Class them selves, in the SCP Foundation.
D-Boi, don't go that way, 049 is that way!
by SCP-D-BOI April 17, 2018
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