Flimsy sheet of paper encased in cardboard. Usually put above the fireplace on the mantle or on the refrigerator with a magnet. Signifies completion of about 4 year of college work. Contain faux signatures of several leading authorities at the institution. Makes parents happy and gives suburban kids a scary sense of freedom because they are no longer supported financially.
Successful Adult: Diploma, eh? Yes. Yes. I remember getting mine. You know, I work in a field that is totally unrelated to my major in college. Oh, well. Enjoy your diploma. Yep, those were the best years of my life.
by crazy b January 9, 2006
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(noun) - Obtained through educational courses, can be used to escape the ghetto if obtained at a school of higher learning (trade school, community college, college, university).
"dawg yall wanna C my GED?"

"No, I have a graduation ceremony to attend, at which I'll receive my diploma."

by JJ OJ April 22, 2010
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a paper that says that you're still a fuck up, but now you can work
Rory: Dude! I just got my diploma
Robert: Sweet dude, now your just a fuck up with a piece of paper sayin your good to work
by iliketomoveitmoveit9876321 November 16, 2009
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"You are still a fuck up, but now you can work" paper.
Rory: "I thought a diploma was like a drama force field" Robert: "Nope, Shit is Dumb"

Rory: "That sounds about right, It should be called your still a fuck up but now you can work paper"

Robert: " Sounds spot on we should write the inventor of the word"

Rory: "I'm calling the dictionary people"
by donotuseyourrealnamehere123456 November 22, 2009
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A reward in the form of oral sex, recipient can be male or female.
I'll give you a diploma.
You deserve a diploma.
You've been a naughty girl, come here for your diploma.
by Adveloq August 2, 2011
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Fraudulent institutions of higher education, sometimes lacking accreditation, which grant diplomas that are either fake or worthless. Historically a they have not been accredited, but with the increase of online schools, most now are accredited and offer a course load so easy, or based on loosely defined "life experience", so as to render their education valueless.

Also known as a Degree Mill
Well known places that are diploma mills include Trinity Southern University, Walden University, Trump University, Wesleyan International University, and Prixo Southern University.
by David McBride March 25, 2008
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A degree of learning acquired by American males that gives them a false sense that have the required knowledge to quarterback pick-up football games.

To earn a Madden Diploma one must lead an undefeated team to the super bowl in Madden 10, and, most importantly; believe that because they won 19 meaningless games on Madden, they now have superior knowledge of the X’s and O’s of football, and are best suited to run offence and defense in a 7 on 7 back yard game.
“Why the hell does Jeremy call the play action fly every third play?”
“Trust the system. He has his Madden Diploma.”
by mikelicht February 1, 2010
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