Checklists of things never do if you say that you say that you love someone or are in fact in love with them; Doing any of these things just proves the complete opposite:

cheat on them, ignore them, don't communicate with them for more than a day, lie to them, hide your feelings from them, say that you are busy, forget things that you've both talked about, text only and not call, not include them in your life, shut them out, don't confide in them, don't appreciate them, ignore them or their attempts to be close to you, push them away, fear love, fear the future with them, question what it is that you both are in, hurt them at their most vulnerable moment, demean them, think that they are less than or not worthy of you, take the easy way out, joke about intimate things shared between you two, pick on their weaknesses or any type of behavior that diminishes what once was a beautiful, amazing, loving thing shared between you two.
If it's so difficult to let go of...dont ever do those things again. Those things destroy something that could have been amazing, special and epic.
by false love hurts everyone October 6, 2013
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