means "oh my fucking god". Used when surprised and when omg just is not enough.
"omfg did you see Chris today? He is sooo hot!"
by zachwtflmao February 6, 2019
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the screwed up version of omg which invokes blasphemy.
"omfg i totally screwed this up"
"cut the -fucking- next time jackass."
by Fearall November 7, 2007
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used by 1337 speakers for a short.
liek omfg teh xnieper is elite!111

omfg ur nub -_-

omfg, u staele my piez0r!1
by 1337z0r April 21, 2006
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Short for Oh My F*****G God.A word that goes beyond using god's name in vain, and should be treated as the F word itself, only with an anti-religious incline, and should not be used in public.
Oh no,I can't believe George Bush has made a decent decision,OMFG!
by dm,nerd January 21, 2007
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