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Anglo-Chinese School
acs is uber. it pwns u.
by fearall March 21, 2005

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This word originated from a game involving a haunted house where ghosts said nanoflame to scare its victims instead of the usual "boo". It has since evolved to become a term used to refer to acts of stupidity. Widely used eapecially is the South-East asain region, where the game originated.

1.Meaning stupidity. used to refer to people or things, though it is usually more appropriate on the former.

2. Used as a subsitute for "boo", as in the "boo" used by ghosts. Used to scare people at blind corners.
1. Keith is such a nanoflame, how could he throw the diamond into the drain?
That nanoflamed table hit me, Ouch!

2. "nanoflame!" came the sound from behind the curtains, giving us a shock.
by fearall March 18, 2005

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1. something that doesn't exist in today's world.
2. self contentment
nobel peace prize winner: i pray for world peace

osama: bomb everyone
terrorists: i die, 1000 die oso
tamil tigers: kill all the sinhalese
racist: i hate everyone cept myself
by Fearall October 01, 2005

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the screwed up version of omg which invokes blasphemy.
"omfg i totally screwed this up"
"cut the -fucking- next time jackass."
by Fearall November 06, 2007

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1.the source of misery for billions of kids around the world.
2.the thing which gave einstein his paycheck.
3.a whole lot of unnecessary bull which we dont have to know.
"the world would be a happier place w/o physics"
"yes i totallg agree."
by Fearall October 01, 2005

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