When someone says something a lil bit gay, but not gay enough to be gay g a y.
Ares: No homo but I would open my ass cheeks for you

Bob: No homo but you’re like my bestest best friend in the world and i could kiss you right now
All of us collectively: Dats kinda fruity doe 😳
by chaoticbitch May 7, 2019
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A word used to describe somebody as being gay or suspicion of being gay
“Bruh Aaron is hella fruity, I saw him staring at men’s ass”
by Clarktoby82 January 2, 2020
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Someone who acts gay, but they arent gay enough to be gay.

Like, they might do things considered gay, but they aren’t actually homosexual
“Holy shit, Marco is so fruity. He said that he might give someone head just because he is curious how it would be like, wtf”
by TheFrenchDuck March 4, 2021
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when you say OR do something that is considered fruity it means that it is gay. If you were to moan into your homies ear and didn’t say NO HOMO then that would be considered fruity or gay
*moans in homies ear without saying no homo* “BRO THAT’S FRUITY(GAY)!
by Pez.R.Fruity March 7, 2022
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