"Oh my fucking God" for short. Ususally used in AIM conversations and other chat-room things. A common expression of excitement, awe, surprise or anger
1.OMFG U R SUCH A n00B LOL!!!!!!111!1eleventy!!1

2.STFU!!!1 OMFG!!11

3.OMFG ur sO annoyAnG!!1111

4.did that guy just jump through a ring of fire?? OMFG!!
by stimlag November 14, 2006
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OMFG; an acronym for "Oh my fruity grapes". Commonly mistaken to stand for Oh my fucking god.
OMFG 1 |2 |)4|-| 1337 |-|4'/,'/,0|2-/_!!!oneoneone!
by The KamikazeH2Omelon February 22, 2005
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means "oh my fucking god". Used when surprised and when omg just is not enough.
"omfg did you see Chris today? He is sooo hot!"
by zachwtflmao February 06, 2019
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An acronym from Oh My F*cking God, but it could be another acronym for Oranges Must Feel Great!
"OMFG!" Brendan screamed.
"True." Emma agreed.
by Nylhcir Horan January 08, 2015
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