n, 1) Father.
2) husband, boyfriend, or lover.
her old man dont like me very much, cuz I brought her home after midnight
by herbie August 25, 2004
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someone who is very old, moans a lot, and often damages his knee while playing sports, or just walking.
I'm such an old man! I'm so old!
by Marc Williams September 26, 2004
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the invisible old man that lives on pool tables who changes the direction of pool balls, making them go in impossible directions. he also bends you over and fucks you in the ass while you are losing a game, and if you are winning, he has already fucked you in the ass at an earlier time for payment.
How did I miss that shot? Old man, get off the table!

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A person in their 30's and up that's found in Teen chatrooms, to see if they can get their flat wanker up.
Women:"Damnit Bob, stop masturbating to teenage pictures in chatrooms!"
Man:"BITCH! Atleast it makes me excited unlike you in the sack!"
by calvinownsj00 June 1, 2005
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