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Overrated. The game is so inconsistant it isn't funny. Sometimes you can bitch slap a guy with the end of your rifle 4 times and won't die, yet occasionally he'll die with 2. Bullshit combos and bullshit weapons. The game's inconsistancy is enough to make me break the Xbox (true story). Bungie are a bunch of money whores and nazi's.
*Shoots guy with battlerifle*
*runs up smacks him*
*smacks him again*
*Guy turns around and blows your face off with the plasma pistol*
by calvinownsj00 June 29, 2005
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1) "Lets make a cut"
2) "i wantz muh muny hoe"
3) "My fucking skin of my penis is gone!"
by calvinownsj00 June 1, 2005
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Prog band from Texas. Mixes alot of Salsa, and Jazz with there straight foward prog-rock. Amazing lyrics, will blow your mind. Your ears will orgasm to Omars wicked guitar while you listen to Cedrics voice.
"Frances the Mute is one bad ass song." (Notice I said song, not album
"Frances the Mute is one bad ass album"
"De-Loused is better than Frances the Mute album."
by calvinownsj00 May 26, 2005
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Means slut. Used in chatrooms, IRC, etc.
fuk ur such a fkin slt, gawwd
by calvinownsj00 May 17, 2005
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Short for slut used in IRC or other chatrooms.
Fuk b1tch ur such a fkin slt, gawdz
by calvinownsj00 May 17, 2005
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Me: "Those fucking Brits are blaming me for our dumbass president, it's not like I'm supporting the asshole."

Friend: "I know, what assholes. I think they're just upset because there skin is paste white and they have small peckers."
by calvinownsj00 May 30, 2005
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Hard to say where/who started it all. Some credit The Doors (More Jim Morrison, perhaps) with creating art rock. 70's - 80's is really where it had it's time (Pink Floyd, Janes Addiction, etc.). It's starting to make a comeback with such great bands as The Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Tool, The Locusts, A Perfect Cricle, etc. Art Rock is basically intelligent lyrics (sometimes random nonsense that make sense only to the person who wrote them) with mellow or sometimes fast paced guitars. Great genre.
The Mars Volta is my favorite Art Rock band. A Perfect Circle, Tool, and The Locusts come close though.
by calvinownsj00 July 21, 2005
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