The condition in which a rash devolopes on the scrotum after swimming day after day for a period of time without showering as often as one should.
I would go to swimming today, but I'm starting to get a bad case of pool balls.
by Reluctant Swimmer June 10, 2006
Sometimes all or most of the pool balls on the table become clustered into one large group, making it nearly impossible to make a shot. In this case, you may need to use your turn just to "mix them up" or spread them apart, and thus stirring the pool ball stew.
All of the remaining pool balls on the table were blocking the right corner pocket. I therefore had to use my turn to mix up the pool ball stew, so that I could have a clear shot my next turn.
by mamabearwhiskey April 26, 2009
Before you cum, you spit in her cunt and then bust a nut in her ear!
I got pissed out off, so I poolball blasted her ass
by FALLEN ANGEL March 30, 2005
To piss in a girl's wide open mouth, then insert your sack one ball at a time.
Shannon wanted Gary to teabag her, but thought she would find a ball pool much more entertaining.
by WGJustin April 25, 2016
When a guy tapes the bottom of his two nuts together and lubes it up and another guy fucks it
“Hey Tyrone you wanna play two ball pool with me”
“Haha anytime Jerick
by Hellbeckons February 26, 2020
A term used to describe a near- perfect bum , most commonly a woman's .
"Her ass was so perfect , it was like two pool balls in a hanky "
by Unibrow Gerald December 2, 2017