What you say when you just received sad/troubling information and your world is falling to pieces but you can't describe it.
-I have a girlfriend, sorry
- Oh.
by Lucky Haze November 05, 2017
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An exclaimation, meaning that you are suprised in a good way.
Oh! It's my long lost brother Leo!
by Zach G. November 15, 2003
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Open House. A house in which no parental units currently occupy.The OH is notoriously used for teenagers to engage in activities of questionable legality.
Yo man i got an OH all day wanna come over and smoke weed?
by Old AP April 14, 2008
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I don’t think we can do anything right like that you
I don’t want you sooo mad right oh
by Strizak November 22, 2019
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You have to almost shout this 'word'.
italians use that for many reasons, such as:
1. Anger
2. Greetings
3. to draw someone's attention

(also used lonely)

and other reasons i don't feel like listing.
1. OH, wtf are you doing with my phone?
2. OH, dude, how r u doin'?
3. OH, are you listening to me, man?
by imdafuq August 16, 2017
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as in you dont care what they have to say your sick of hearing them blabber and just want them to shut the hell up
"dude help me out seriously, stop sittin around"
by Mr. Jangles June 17, 2006
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an america online overhead account - generally reserved for advertisers. no rates on chat scrolling.
i baited an oh and will pws it later today.
by phillip nis March 18, 2008
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