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<mother> Forty dollars, what the hell?!
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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1337 for TIT.
50 1 84N9x0r3d 7h15 CH1x0rZ 14z7 N19H7, d00dx0rz h3|2 717z w3|23 90|)1Y!!!!
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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A combination of ;) and :x, but used mainly by people who are too lazy to hit the shift key. The lips are sealed, and it's winking conspicously, as saying that it will not speak.
<girl 1> seriously, tell me who you have a crush on!!
<girl 2> never! ;x


<girlfriend> come on! which slut were you cheating on me with?!
<boyfriend> I can't tell you! She's pregnant! ;x
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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Much like oh my god, or the shortened form omg, oh my gosh can also be condensed into omg, and thus people will have no idea whether you are talking about god or gosh. However, angry Christians who hate to use the Lord's name in vain, usually type oh my gosh online, rather than oh my god.
<illiterate girl> omg u no dat movei wiff ashtin kosher???
<jew> i like kosher food.
<christian> do you dare say the lord's name in vain!?!?!?!?
<illiterate girl> no omg sry plz
<athiest> maybe she said oh my gosh.
<christian> b-b-but it may have been the other one...
<athiest> oh my god, you mean?
<christian> YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!!
<athiest> I don't believe in Hell.
<christian> ....
<illiterate girl> omgz u loserz lolz
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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An insult, derogatory to very skinny females who dress revealingly and talk in a whorish manner. One who is a slut and looks like a stick.
damn, so I was at the mall, and this dumb slutstick walked past and asked for my number... god knows how many STDs she has....
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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x0rz is a suffix of words or names.

For instance:

Ann --> annx0rz
Habbo --> habbx0rz
AIM --> aimx0rz
fuck --> fux0rz
suck --> sux0rz
rock --> rox0rz

and so on. Other letters can be replaced into 1337, 1F j00 |/\|15|-|.
d00dx0rz y0 m0mx0rz is li3k teh sux0rz, y0u fux0rz.
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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Eighteen, as in the number 18. Before 19, after 17.
<Person 1> I turned 18 today!
<Person 2> You're 81, moron.
<Person 1> Sorry typo :( *hacks up spit*
by Alanax0rz May 23, 2004
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