1) A question such as "for real", asking for truth or reassurance
2) An acknowledgment
30 A universal word for any and every situation
1)A: I got an A the semester
B: Oh?
2)A: Dinner is ready
B: Oh?
3)Either a friend or a person of whom you despise walks by, you say "OH!?" very loudly OR some idiot drops a box, you hear and/or see it and say "Oh?"
by The Accused Union April 11, 2005
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"Other half." Used to call your husband/wife, gf/bf, anyone you consider to be your "other half" to complete you.
The OH has finally approved of us raising a dog!
by jennee April 26, 2008
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1. The noise you make when someone drops an ice cube in your pants. Or you find the Holy Spirit. Whichever.

2. A long, drawn-out pleasurable sigh resulting from either orgasm or really really good gossip
1. OH! You fucker, stop dropping ice down my pants!

2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. He really asked her out?
by Liz November 20, 2003
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the word that is exclaimed by pretty much everyone on The Sopranos.
Waiter: "You fucking asshole"

Paulie walnuts: "OHHH!"

*waiter gets whacked*
by tonitewedineinhell September 06, 2007
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OH: "that's a great new skull fuck jacket you just got!" "I know! Right?" (from twitter.com, 30 March 2008)
by Murray Jason March 30, 2008
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What you write in a text when you are actually hurt by what someone says.
Crush: "Lol sorry i was w/ Jenny yesterday."
You: "Oh..."
by blah.isaidit. July 18, 2011
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If you say this word near Lauren or in the group chat, Lauren may or may not sue you for copyright
by nojokethough September 06, 2019
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