means that ur just so over everythig and u cant do anything bc ur too sad and cant do anythig and all you can do is say oh
dog: woof

you: hewow you cute doggie

mum: the dogGie isnt rEal

you: oh
by itsnotworkinglol May 27, 2019
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when you are let down or dissapointed over text. also used for extreme sarcasm. the lowercase letters indicate casualness but the period completes the emotion. i cannot properly explain it's meaning in words, it is rather the feeling from seeing it.
you and your friend are talking about how you did bad on a test:

lauren: you sounded very unprofessional...
lauren: the writing was not right.
you: i know i am stupid i made a mistake
lauren: i don't care.
you: oh.
by mani 4 December 13, 2018
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the noise a lady makes in bed
oooooohhhhhh yes yes harder harder
by Shibby September 20, 2003
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Interjection. Usually exclaimed as one

1. Realizes something they didn't know before.
2. Has newfound pity on another poor sap.
3. Feels frisky.
4. Reaches orgasm.
5. Listens to Nelly's "Hot in Here"
6. Sees something astoundingly disturbing. Usually while cringing back in surprise.
7. Needs to get attention in order to say something.
Oh! I forgot to tell you...

-You know, I'm naked underneath all these clothes.
-Oh! You are, aren't you?
by SylfaenFlow November 17, 2003
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It actually means my heart just got ripped into a million pieces but I won't tell you because you wouldn't care how I feel anyway.
Elizabeth: I love you.
Isaac: I know that but I'm not ready for it yet

Elizabeth: Oh.
Bystander: That's harsh.
by 5secondsofserenity June 28, 2014
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