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Used by idiots who can't articulate correctly in place of the word "have".

Cross-reference: Often used in the same sentence as "your" when what they really mean to say is "you're".

In frequent use in England.
I should of asked for her number.

Those movie tickets cost more than they should of.

It's raining. Your going to be sorry. You should of brought an umbrella.
by Keira July 25, 2004
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A preposition that illiterate fools use when they should be using "have" following certain verbs.
"She should of worn heels with that 'fit."
"He could of got that while he was up."
"I would of if I could of."
by Tee Hi February 17, 2018
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I came up with this in the late 70's. An O.F. is an occasional fuck. Someone you have no real interest in because every time they opened their mouth nothing but stupid came out. But they were gorgeous, good in bed, but absolutely not to be seen in public with.
Please do not tell me that I saw you with him at the Elbow Room last night. I know that you were snot slinging drunk, but he's your fucking O.F. for Christ's sake!
by snarkyb. February 17, 2013
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You’re so charming, handsome, brilliant, powerful, so well-endowed with a terrific little ass- you can have any girl you want. Whaddya want with an OF like me?
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