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D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Synthetic chemical which, when taken orally or, less commonly, in the lining of an eyelid or nostril, is the most potent hallucinogen known to the common public.

One of the cheapest drugs available, it is neither addictive nor physically dangerous. Taken by an intelligent, open-minded person, it can create fantastic revelations and experiences.

It is not a good party drug, and, in a hostile environment such as a party, it can lead to what is known as a 'bad trip', where the person under the influence of the substance in question has an experience which is totally frightening. Fear, depression and anger are accentuated to fill the entire body to a point where entire thought patterns are controlled by these emotions.

The same accentuation goes for happiness and relaxation, often leading to a state of artificial nirvana, the only difference being that the person is absolutely suggestible and can lose the ability to reason.
It's funny how there are actually quite a few serious definitions of LSD on UrbanDictionary. The ignorant and uneducated fear LSD, but the intelligent, after reading about its effects, are the ones who try it, taking special care about risks and so on.

It is only when one becomes cocky and stupid that LSD causes bad effects.
by fuh? October 14, 2003

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I like funny words.
by fuh? October 14, 2003

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Teh fuskin' wank like da peanus.
There was once this guy in my maths class who couldn't spell penis. His first three suggestions were peenus, peanus and peenis.
by fuh? October 14, 2003

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The large lump a male grows on his lower back during and after menopause.

The colour of vomit after it has been left in a bucket of blue paint for a while.
My of has turned of.

by fuh? October 14, 2003

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