'oo' pronounced: like in the words: too, new, noob, etc.
can be put in to any sentence or phrase in different moods or describing your emotion toward something or someone. basicly 'oo' can be use if your happy, suprized or confused, sad, or if you simpily got hit in the back of your head (or when you get hit by someone or something)
happy - oo (^^)

suprized - oo? (huh?)

sad - oo... (;-;)

hurt - oo!! (ouch!!)
by Gan_Ning_of_the_Darkness November 01, 2006
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It means strangeness, weirdness, complete damn abstractness. like the loch ness.
your really weird ~ O.o
by little miss sunshine October 12, 2006
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A surprised, intriuged, or shocked face usually used by roleplayers in chatrooms.
Person 1: Screw you.
Me: o.O;;... Righ'...
by Miko-chan August 18, 2003
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When you see something you like or something kool. Add as many Os as you want
1:Look at this girl in my dms

2:Oo she a mf snack my mans you better clap that
by A_FOR_ALFREDO August 03, 2018
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Accubos thing he does..
Me: Lyke oMgZ yoor 0wnt
Accubo: o-o
by My name is not important August 02, 2004
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A not un-attractive, not un-fuckable female atty with peroxide blonde hair, fake tits and a persistent Ultram habit and fondness for porn. who once showed her titties to some of her colleagues, hence "O O".
"I'd like to lick O O's puss and cum on her tongue."
by point oner March 06, 2004
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