Toshi is cherishing but once you mess up with toshi , you will run for your life . Help maintaining toshi's peace of mind and toshi give you all the happiness. Toshi is always confusing about career and decision making.Initially Toshi is not sure whether to go on with a decision or not , but once decided , nobody can stop toshi from doing something of what Toshi has decided.Toshi is lazy and not really determined about decisions . Toshi doesn't like to be told what to do and loves to do what toshi's heart wants. Toshi loves passionately but can be stiff at times but once you win Toshi's heart , Toshi will fight for you against anyone.Toshi doesn't think about the future much because Toshi is chill kind of person.Toshi is tough , strong but faces some health issues every now and then. To summarize , Toshi is loving - sometimes massively stiff , cherishing , never backing out of a fight , lazy but hard working , over thinking but smart person
That is my ladoo , toshi
by Optimus May November 23, 2021
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Assumed pseudonym used by 16 year old girls because they "TOTALLY HATE" their given name.
"Oh my god, I can't believe my parents put thought into picking a name for me; forget them, everyone call me Toshi."
by Bancho February 26, 2009
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Nickname for a Toshiba product. Namely a laptop computer.
I just got a new case for Toshi, don't want her to get scratched.
by lullabyofbdwy88 November 13, 2009
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an obviously mistaken Japanese name, but actually is a Korean noun which means "an unusual out come after self pleasuring."

Jake: "Why is your left hand bigger than your right hand? You might have the Toshi."

Trae: "Dude I was watching some pornography. I was about to reach to my climax, then suddenly my dick recoiled upwards and hit my face.

Jake: Dude I think you should see a doctor, because I have the Toshi as well.
by Toshi12345 April 20, 2010
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The uncontrolable desire to have a shit ( normally in a car)
which can't wait to be attended too even if this means having a shit at the side of the road or 'a toshi'
Victor: What's wrong with you?
Wayne: Stop the car I have to have a toshi right now!
by twerp May 15, 2008
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A beautiful girl with the kindest soul. She's an amazing writer, and you're so lucky to even be graced by her presence. If you have a Toshie, never loose her.
by Incogyeeto September 24, 2018
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