A face you use to stand for when you are puzzled or baffled.
Did you know that it is illegal to go trick-or-treating on a Sunday in Deleware? O.o
by lunar shadows October 31, 2004
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an interjection used to express surpise, frustration, pleasure, admiration, or awe
oo you touched my tralala.
by papermachete October 26, 2005
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Order of the Sloth.

A group founded in approximately 2002 which is dedicated to slowing down and enjoying life in the slow lane. Their motto is that work is you VSP or Vacation Sponsership Program and that life is about enjoying not collecting things.
Rob, a member of OOS went on a two week cruise.
by Deb March 09, 2005
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A face used in a chat room or message board to express when you are befuddled, surprised, or intrigued. Also used on internet RPG's, like Lineage.
Theaphelia: I named my new dog Siribel.
Kyusaku: Huh? Where'd you get that from?
Theaphelia: I made it up.
Kyusaku: Oh I see...o.0
by Dottina May 10, 2003
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a sound in which a person or a crowd makes when a person gets in trouble
David got ooed when the teacher asked to talk with him
by RomeTwinn March 31, 2017
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OO (pronounced Oh Oh) - Owner Operator (otherwise known as a wanker)
You are such an OO! (you are such a wanker)
by MeriAnn February 29, 2008
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A face of spam. Can be used a blank stare.
Chatroom use only.
<Zane> I need an example for "o.o"
<Kye> o.o
<Zane> That works. o.o;;
by Shinta May 08, 2004
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