That my friends, is a boxing match, your move, holy man.
"Dude guess what?"
"(O'.')=O Q('.'O)"
"...the fuck is that?"
"Dude!! It's a boxing match!!"
"Wait what? OHHHH sweet."
"Fuck yeah.
by UnhitchedDread July 2, 2010
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hornyguy44: Send a pic of ur babylons pls!
erica43: ( o Y o )
by dddman December 29, 2009
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tits that got dem some nice nipples, also relatizzled b
pierced ( o, Y o, )
huge nips ( O Y O )
tiny nips ( . Y . )
and, perky ( ^ Y ^ )

therizzle's mizzle, but i aintizzle got no tizzle!
( o Y o )
by snizzle dizzle mizzle holla December 18, 2004
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Way of creating a set of cans for people who only dream of the real thing.
Hey Geoff, check out the rack I can make with my keyboard because im such a pathetic loser and will never pull any ass because I play D & D all day, ( o Y o )
by PrestonF October 13, 2006
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A Triple Headed Shock Monster, also known as a THSM. A set of emoticons expressing extreme shock.
John: I killed a man again!
Abe: :o :o :o
John: Yeah... what?
by DaveyJones December 31, 2009
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An emote used by furries which means blushing suprised, typically used in a sexual mannor.
Sammy the whale: *licks your buldge*
Alexander the corgi: O//w//O
by erikthefurry October 22, 2018
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