A phrase often used by marching band/drum corps drummers to signal the last measure of resting before the line starts playing. Usually grouped based on the time signature of the piece being played.
one two three four two two three four DUT DUT DUT DUT play}
by Bad Milk March 10, 2009
pronounced "dutt"

when something is generally undesirable, dirty, ghetto or just plain crap.

alternatively, "tut" can be used as a precursor to dut (when something has not quite reached the point of being dut)
dick: hey jane, look at that guy eating out of the garbage!

jane: man, that is just plain DUT!

Dut can also be joined to words to explain just how dut something is. For example, dutstang, dutberry, kentucky fried dut, Los Angeldut etc...
by jonnythrice June 26, 2010
The slang term for anus...hole.
Person 1: Hey Huntz, did you get lucky with Jacquelyn last night?
Person 2: Nah, she was on her rags, so I just did her in the dut.

Person 1: Hey Jack, did you tongue punch her fart box?
Person 2: Nah, but she totally rimmed my dut.
by HUNNNNNTZ June 7, 2011
someone who is an idiot or someone who screws up so bad that its worse then a fail
Tim: hey did you see the kid who tried to jump down a flight of stairs?

Jeff: ya that guy is such a fucking dut.
by silverlaker January 31, 2010
slang word for a wooly hat worn in the winter, comes from Hartlepool, North East England
nice dut mate!
nice aint it!
by ste December 28, 2005
butters, ugly, rank looking
Andy Straiton: "he got confused for some dut ginger boy"

by Andy Straiton April 16, 2007
A slang saying for a womans lack of vaginal moisture, Dried Up Twat.
We used half a tube of KY jelly, she sure had a DUT.
by Lola R January 28, 2008