God's gift to mankind as the most important breed of dog ever created.
Dat corgi is so corgeous it's corgilicious.
by corgilicousdefinition July 28, 2016
the queen of england's favorite dog. Pembroke or Cardigan all corgis are the most cute, babe magnets, and most of all they are man's best friend. commonly they look like a fox, although my corgi is similar to the size and shape of a jimmy dead sausage
i was sick and my corgi made me soup and nursed me back to health.
by Momper August 11, 2006
A herding dog originating in Wales and thought to be descended from the Spitz about 1000 years ago. There are now two distinct varieties recognized by the AKC; the Pembroke is smaller, about 20 to 26 pounds, with a docked tail. The Cardigan is larger, about 25 to 35 pounds, with a long fluffy tail. Corgis are highly intelligent animals and are good with kids or other pets if raised with them from puppyhood.
Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
by Paul Drake October 8, 2004
A short legged, long backed dog with a foxy like appearance and are really great companions.
Aww, that corgi is so adorable!
by Someone January 24, 2004
The cutest dog you will ever lay your eyes on! With stubby legs and a huge slobbery smile, this dog will steal your heart. Corgis are also known for their ADORABLE butts!! If you ever see a corgi, embrace him/her With a hug and give him/her kisses! I have actually met a corgi and he was the best and I still get to see him everyday (his name is buddy and he live next door to me) corgies are the bestest and every time i see a corgi i just melt and just yassssssss!

Person 2: It's probably a corgi.

person 3: I have a corgi

Person 1 and 2: WHATTTTTTTTTT
by bestest corgie lover May 6, 2020
The CUTEST puppy you'll ever see. They are short with long backs AND ARE GREAT COMPANIONS to have. They also almost always stay happy
Man, that corgi puppy is so adorable!
by Corginess sparkle February 16, 2017