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Male person who displays crazy properties. Regularly engaging in activities such as drunken debauchery, peeing in public, streaking in public parks, smashing his dick with beer bottles, climbing high public buildings, making out with strangers in public, tiger sharking beers, jumping off bridges into public lakes, and displays an above average athletic and scholastic ability despite living a lifestyle that reflects the morals and values of an average disabled homeless man.
Person 1: Did you see Nutface lay that kid out at the football game last saturday night.
Person 2: Yea, and I heard he was so hung over he puked after pre game warm ups, and after the game he pooped in a trash can.
by The original Nutface April 15, 2013
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One whose face resembles a hamster's when its cheeks are filled with nuts.
You have a nutface.

Stop stuffing yourself, you've got mad nutface.
by xvanityfaire May 22, 2009
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a person who is a bit insane, crazy and/or weird
otherwise known as nuts, a nutter, or a nutcase
person one; oooh I can fly, seriously..
person two; you're a fucking nutface!
by Hannah Melvin April 28, 2007
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My favorite memory from my previous marriage was the major nutface I inflicted on my ex-wife.
by Buckwheat July 21, 2003
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Derived from a sexual act used when male climax is achieved via any type of sex (anal, vaginal, or oral...and for the daring, a quick handy). When said climax is achieved, the male busts onto the female's face. This term is specifically used for the woman. Her face is typically a 6 or 7, with the body of an 8 or 9. Not to be mistaken with a butter face, a nut face is still a cute face, but its sole function is a surface to nut on for when climax is achieved. Once you nut on a nut face's face, a clean up is not involved. *Be cautious however, most nut faces think nutting on their face is like a dog pissing on its property*.
ex 1//

Male 1: "Hey man, you see that Asian chick across the gym?"
Male 2: "Yeah bro, she seems fine af from behind, but I think I saw her earlier. She cute, nut face and all, but that ass though!"
Male 1: "That's disappointing. I do like me a good nut face though."

ex 2//
Girlfriend: "So why do you like me baby?"
Boyfriend: *thinks*, damn...should I tell her the truth? she's honestly thicc af but i have no idea if she'd hate me. she's got the perfect nutface... "Well babe, I honestly have no idea. You have so many good qualities about you. You honestly have a really nice ass, you know I eat that shit out day n nite, but you're really sweet..." *omg I'm on the brink of saying it* "...and I really love our sex cause your โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“NUTFACE"
Girlfriend: "IS THAT ALL I AM TO YOU? UGH, you know I love it when you do that though."
by St1fl3r the F0ndl3r October 08, 2017
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