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Nipples, (normally associated with women) that are unusually puffy, and as such, are very suckable.
Big "puffies" always give me a chubby.
by Buckwheat July 21, 2003
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A Jamaican immigrant to Canada or a Canadian national of Jamaican descent.
I just read Malcom Gladwell's new book... that guy is one talented Jamaicanadian!
by buckwheat February 06, 2013
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Three cool gals that are VERY fine! Best friends for life and are jackasses 24/7
Arin, Emiley, and Stacey are the Stoogettes for life..
by BuckWheat March 28, 2005
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A face covered in semen.
My favorite memory from my previous marriage was the major nutface I inflicted on my ex-wife.
by Buckwheat July 21, 2003
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Actually means a dizzy cunt, one seemingly not in touch with things. Spaced-out, even dim. Relates to post-rocks off condition. Of course, one would have to have observed a woman in that condition to make the connection, probably only a distant possibility for the wankers and rump rangers posting here.
you cum-drunk motherfucker, watch where the fuck yer going!
by Buckwheat April 01, 2005
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Short for **OrIgInAl CoW gIrLs**
Emiley Stacey and Arin are so OCG..
by BuckWheat July 25, 2004
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