Self-indulged nazi republicans who believe that George W. Bush is the devine savior of the US and rest of the world. Usually identified by using the word "liberal" in a negative tone in every spoken or written sentance.
That Ann Coulter broad is one right wing nut job!
by Michael Sutthampham October 23, 2005
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A hand job preformed after smothering your junk with banana nut muffins, leaving a fruity and tasty baked banana smell.
Dude, she's a freak. Last night we were at her place, and she gave me a Banana Nut Hand Job.
by T.o.L. May 29, 2010
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"A person with an eccentric personality that has used shit loads of narcotics over their life, resulting in a swiss cheese brain effect that lends itself easily to OCD and other psychiatric disorders. Though irritating at times, they can be quite entertaining to those around them, like watching a drunk party clown wetting themselves."
"That bitch is a total Nut Fuck Whack Job!"
by Badass721 March 10, 2010
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The art of a Tallahassee nut job has been the objective of all females since its invention in 2019. It conaists of a lady perferably a beutiful one with beutiful eyes a nice smile and a gorgeous set of double d's jacking you off then just pefore climax yelling "Tallahasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and putting her finger up in the air before thrusting it into your asshole and continuing to thrust the shit put pf ypur asshole with her finger as you weep " Mr.Harlooooooooffffffff"
Jimmy: Ever heard of a Tallahassee nut job!

Jenny: Yeah I did it to my boyfriend last night
by Mr.Gustav May 31, 2018
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When you nut in your job and your boss sees it so you fuck him/her
by Ghost buster nutter November 3, 2020
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When you jerk someone off and slap another guy in the face with their cum.
That girl at the party gave a great nut job. You should have seen her boyfriends face.
by bkitch37 February 2, 2016
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Noun. One who endures full-time work hours and commuter traffic solely by choice, rather than out of financial necessity; also, one who 'drops in to visit' at his or her place of employment during non-traditional periods such as holidays, personal days, or maternity leaves. Synonyms: maniac, imbecile, moron, lunatic, suicide, loser
Dan: Hey, Bill, entre nous -- wasn't Frank up for retirement like nine years ago?

Bill: What can ya say? The guy's a real job-nut.
by James Hoffa Lincoln October 19, 2017
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