a misspelling (typo) of the word ‘of’ since p is located next to o.
in a chat room
hey do you want a piece pf shit?
by geneva0 November 5, 2019
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A phrase that can substitute for the word shit, sex, or fuck. It originated as an acronymn for penis fencing (a common activity engaged in by male bonobo monkeys which leads to ejaculation).
Chocholate cake is pf.
Shut your pfing mouth!
Desperate Housewives is the pf.
I forgot to turn the oven off, PF!
Want to pf with me?
by C Holliday November 13, 2006
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Short for "prickfuck." An aggravatingly obtuse and/or stubborn asshole, usually male.
"Don't mind him, he's just a pf."

"Oh great. Here comes Pf and Pf Junior."
by SaladShooter July 24, 2009
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stands for public fondling.
inappropriate but usually the best kind of affection in the public.
"dudddde where were you?"
"yo jill attacked me in the bathroom and we had a hot pf sesh in the mens stall"
by supertrooperx3 July 27, 2008
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Stands for prison fuck, a term used to gauge ones anus.
Guy 1: dude I hooked up with this girl last night and she had a loose butthole!

Guy 2: like how loose

Guy 1: 6 pf's
by J.P. The Last Brave Bishop February 11, 2009
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A short acronym meaning "Pretty Fucking"

Used before an adjective to make it more powerful.

Synonymous with "really".
*Guy on facebook*

pf tired!


that girl was pf cute.
by Le Goofay August 31, 2011
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