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A free spirited person or thing.
His life was so spree, and he could do anything he wanted, with no limits or boundaries.
by Ian Suri July 01, 2005
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Mad good melt-in-yo' mouth candy by nestle corperation
Me: "Hey, want some Spree?"
Friend: "Yay-yuh!!"
(Me gives Friend a Spree)
Friend: *CRUNCH!*
Me: "Dude! Don't bite it! You spose to let it melt in yur mouf!"
Friend: "Shut up, Me!!"
by Mbleh October 03, 2007
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An ecstacy pill. Also known as X, E, Beans, Rolls, Groceries, MDMA, and more.
"I got a bag of them sprees and you know i'm spendin like whoa" -D4L "Betcha can't do it like me"
by Liz wha whaa? July 10, 2006
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Another word for rape, most commonly used when raping a lot of people
Bilal went on a spree in his town yesterday, and hurt many poor girls.
by QFA380 June 07, 2011
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