1.a nasty person in the sexual sense of the word nasty.
2.An insult used towards a female/male when referring to her/him as a slut, to being highly sexually active and or guilty of participating in what is to be seen as unusual sex acts.
"That nasty b**** is nothing more than a nut job."
"So what you f***ed madd girls Tommy, that just makes you a nut job."
"ILL your room is a nut job!Don't you think its time to like CLEAN IT!!??"
by MakneJerkNU February 24, 2005
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When a girl is sucking a penis and she wraps her lips around the scrotum and testicles with the penis still in her mouth.
The girl gave me a nutjob.
by Sexxyum November 17, 2006
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When the female firmly grasps the male's testicles and gently rubs upon them at a nice and easygoing pace
by William0310 December 03, 2014
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The act of wanking your partner with your ballsack, using only butter as a lubricant.
''Hey dude, Billy gave me a really good Nut Job last night, I think I may be gay''
''What the fuck Richard''
by Captain Noot Noot January 19, 2019
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A nutjob is the actual term for a blowjob since a blowjob does not include any actual blowing and a dickjob or a penis job just sounds like you are getting your penis or dick reshaped.
Bruh, Carey gives the best nutjob.

Please give me a nutjob, Iā€™m gonna get blue balls
by Dumbasschick0401 March 27, 2019
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(noun) When someone gives you a blow job with a nutcracker.
I call her the sugarplum fairy, because she gave me a nutjob.
by rottingbrains April 12, 2021
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