Putting Nutella on a guy's penis and licking it all off. Yum.
"ONG, I gave my boyfriend a nut job last night. It was delicious."
by Jellybean16 September 28, 2014
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The peeling of nut film performed by nutters in a Nut Salon for a fee of half, moldy nuts.
1. I have a 3pm appointment at the South Hill Nut Salon tomorrow for a Nut-Job, but I need some half, moldy nuts to pay the nutters. And I need a lot because I haven't gotten my Spring Cleaning in over a year. Stupid nut film.
by TheNutters2008 July 11, 2008
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A person who doesn't see you cross the road and drives past without seeing you there, nearly knocking you over.
Can be found driving mostly vans.
by Winterbaby Fenton Noir January 14, 2015
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When the female firmly grasps the male's testicles and gently rubs upon them at a nice and easygoing pace
by William0310 December 3, 2014
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Death caused by the over-consumption of Brazil Nuts. The condition is referred to by medical authorities as selenosis, which can also include symptoms such as garlic odor on the breath, gastrointestinal disorders, hair loss, sloughing of nails, fatigue, irritability and neurological damage.
Man 1: Yo man, you hear about Justin?
Man 2: Nah, what happened?
Man 1: Brazil Nut Job!
Man 2: Poor guy! I guess he had it coming with how many of those things he ate.
Man 1: Yeah, I guess we should've known. Dude's breath had been kickin like Bruce Lee for days now.
Man 2: If we could only go back...
by P_Nuts March 9, 2011
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The art of a Tallahassee nut job has been the objective of all females since its invention in 2019. It conaists of a lady perferably a beutiful one with beutiful eyes a nice smile and a gorgeous set of double d's jacking you off then just pefore climax yelling "Tallahasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and putting her finger up in the air before thrusting it into your asshole and continuing to thrust the shit put pf ypur asshole with her finger as you weep " Mr.Harlooooooooffffffff"
Jimmy: Ever heard of a Tallahassee nut job!

Jenny: Yeah I did it to my boyfriend last night
by Mr.Gustav May 31, 2018
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typically a bitch who "thinks" she's right, when she's no where's close and sticking to her guns, even though she's as far off base as fucking possible, therefore making her a crazy nut job.
Andy: hey man, whats up with her thinking she's all that?
Todd: I dunno bro
Andy: Must be yet another crazy nut job. Does she have a sponsor?
Todd: Yea, bitches be crazy society
by ccourt39 July 14, 2011
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