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To engage in sexual intercourse. This phrase is derived from the wooly texture of public hair.
I wanted to pull wool, but my girlfriend wants to save herself for marriage.
by vwallac September 29, 2006

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A totally awesome way to spell cool. It is far superior to the juvenile and played out kewl.
You brought me a homemade pound cake? Qul!
by vwallac October 05, 2006

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A sexual encounter including most of the elements of a regular sexual encounter, including nudity, oral sex, kissing, etc., which specifically avoids penis-in-vagina (PIV) intercourse just so the parties can pretend they didn't actually have sex.
Josh only went as far as pseudosex with his friend's ex-girlfriend so he wouldn't have to say he fucked her.
by vwallac January 08, 2009

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The rain of dandruff that comes off your head when you scratch.
When Joe scratched his head, the flake shower that came off him rivaled that of Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club when she made it snow on her drawing.
by vwallac September 18, 2008

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A shottle refers to a Miller High Life pony, which is a seven ounce beer bottle. It also refers to any small beer bottle that you can drink in one gulp, like a shot. This word is both a contraction of the words shot and bottle, and a misreading of "8bottles" printed on the side of the Miller High life ponies package when drunk.
I downed six shottles in six minutes, and I barely have a buzz on!
by vwallac October 05, 2006

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A separate bed reserved for doing dirt in, as opposed to your regular bed, which is for nite nite.
Ryan Higgins ate some fries on his dirt bed. He put the ketchup straight on the sheets.
by vwallac January 20, 2014

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Short for neices and nephews.
My Aunt Nancy calls my brother, my sister, and me her niecefews!
by vwallac October 09, 2006

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