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An unexpected hit in the jewels.
Man, yout crzy dog just nut checked me. He's lucky I don't monkey punch him.
by P August 24, 2003
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1) A violent slap, punch, or kick to the pubic area that causes extreme pain and usually results in spontaneous ejaculation without arousal.

2) Checking a fine bitch you meet at the club to make sure she ain't a man. Also accompanies an Adam's Apple check.
1) That bitch stole my girl so I nutchecked his punk ass.

2) when I nut checked that ho I met at the club I felt some nuts so I shot her fuck ass.
by umean2tellme January 5, 2004
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when u get kneed, kicked, punched, wacked, etc... in the nutts
jason got nut checked by tessa 4 being gay by liking slumpers slumper
by ben dover October 4, 2004
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A Nut check is where you walk to someone and yell out "NUT CHECK" and punch their nuts and if they take it like a man, Their a true gamer
*Walks to a friend*
*punches his nuts*
Friend: *Beep* My Nuts!
You: your not nut vibin bro
by PhoenixRizer December 18, 2019
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to ask yourself if youre really ready to commit to something that involves manhood.
You better check nuts before you try to drink that shit
by dermanatural October 24, 2008
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evaluate your manhood. To Ask yourself if you are a real man.
this little bitch ass nigga betta check nuts be-fo he steps to a real ass nigga from the streets and gets his ass stomped the fuck out.
by jziliquor July 29, 2006
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