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to punch someone in there shit for talkin shit or doin shit you don't like.
I had to fire off in that nigga cuz he touched my girl's tits.
by umean2tellme January 5, 2004
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1) A violent slap, punch, or kick to the pubic area that causes extreme pain and usually results in spontaneous ejaculation without arousal.

2) Checking a fine bitch you meet at the club to make sure she ain't a man. Also accompanies an Adam's Apple check.
1) That bitch stole my girl so I nutchecked his punk ass.

2) when I nut checked that ho I met at the club I felt some nuts so I shot her fuck ass.
by umean2tellme January 5, 2004
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1) The kind of head given only by a professional ho, not by an amateur. This type of oral sex leaves your dick on fire after you bust in her mouth. It has also been known to be very addictive.
Goddamn that bitch gave me that super fire head!!!!!! I gotta pay her extra.
by umean2tellme January 5, 2004
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The burning and scarring of the tongue of a bitch who gave super fire head to a nigga and tried to swallow the cum. This injury can sideline a ho for atleast 2 weeks, which can seriously affect her dick suckin career.
Damn she got a sizzle tongue from tryin to swallow that hot ass cum I bust in her mouth.
by umean2tellme January 7, 2004
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1. A response to something so stupid or unbelievably retarded that expresses total confusion as to why it was done.
Gabe: "hey the Dolphins game is in overtime"

Danny: "oh for real? who's winning?"

by umean2tellme January 4, 2004
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