Typo, now known as chat-slang word. Correctly spelled form: crazy

1.) Used to express excitement, surprise, and/or awe.

2.) Being out of the ordinary.

3.) Expression of infatuation, absurdly fond.

1.) “This ski trip is going to be CRZY!”

2.) “That car is CRZY-LOOKING!”

3.) “That boy is CRZY about Monica!”
by DigitalKitten January 12, 2006
an newbler, especially likes peepee!
Hi elton, how was your crzy today?
by crzy himself September 9, 2003
A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people, especially a male deity thought to control some part of nature or reality; see God
a material object that is worshipped as a crzy
by Hitler February 22, 2003
Doesn't play with a full deck,3aces up his sleeve.
Doesn't follow other people's tracks.
Lights people fuses,walks away and watch shit explode.
Two for the price of one, split personality.
You need to watch out for CRZY MARK, shit happens out of the blue with that dude.
by CRZY MARK October 24, 2020
used as crazy without the a or as ain’t no way you just said that shit in front of me
by crzyanonymous April 10, 2022
When something is so absurd that it can’t be contained as simply batshit. Pronounced Kray-Zay
Infowars in the epitome of crZy
by A real Detective January 2, 2020