A mix of 'nap' and 'dump'. The act of, while taking a dump, falling asleep on the toilet. Often used as a way to have a quick nap at the workplace, by hiding in a bathroom stall to take a nap.
I was so hung over I took 3 numps today.
He's so lazy, he numps more than he works.
by Spanky Shmanky November 12, 2005
The french translation:
chier+sieste = chieste
(pronounced shee-eh-ste)
Bon, je vais prendre un chieste.
OK, I'm going to take a nump.
by macdumpy November 6, 2007
The act of wearing "Nothing Under My Pants".
Man... I'm goin nump.
by Mella-bella April 10, 2008
a word used to in any sentence describe anything at any timt
what the nump is going on?

that was numping awesome!


I don't feel so nump today.
by chillenchoclate December 2, 2009
a kind of dance done to attract attention ,first seen in Wigan,England done by the original Numper Sir David Edwards OBE, as he spoke or rather sang in Tongues as he worked himself up into a sexual frenzy brought on by the sight of nubile young boys skinny dipping in the local canal or Cut as they say in the lanky dialect spoken by pit men and mill workers as they danced up pit brew in there clogs
......that cunt is Numping again! arses will be wreaked by midnight!
by No80dy.66uk October 11, 2019
To rub male to male or female to female bottoms together, generally involving olive oil.
reverse spoon numping, numping sponge, numping frottage,spoof numping, oily bottom numping
by Bill4b August 28, 2006