An Out of Body Experience. When someone's soul becomes distatched to their body. This is usually accompanied by a floating feeling and for the first time can be scary.

NOT astral rising
OBE needs no example. This is quite clearly explained in the definition.
by Froggie Guado August 3, 2007
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Overcome By Events, used to designate dead projects that were overwhelmed and defeated.

I had high hopes for this project on Monday, but it was OBE by Thursday.
by Joel D. Parker September 25, 2006
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another word to call someone like fam, bro, etc.
noun informal

You are tripping Obe.
Obe pass me that blunt.
I fuck with my Obe.
by _CoreyWithaK October 14, 2018
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Outcomes Based Education. it is a shitty education system which is being phased in to replace TEE in Western Australia, causing uproar amongst teachers and students alike. OBE uses levels to mark achievement instead of percentages and grades, causing great confusion to students and parents.
student A: wtf i got level 5 for my media assignment stfu OBE.

student B: wtf??!
by rubbish October 18, 2006
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Old Body Style Chevy pickups from 1988-98. The greatest pickup truck GM ever produced.
Check out my new OBS, she’s a bad mofo
by Redneckstepchild October 3, 2020
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A guy who has the uncanny ability to talk his way into and out of any situation, no matter how extreme they may be.
Hey they found the bag of hash on my pillow but I obeded my self out of it!
by Triniboy938 February 3, 2010
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