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1. to shit
2. to piss somebody off
3. when a situation goes from bad to worse. when the shit hit the fan.
4. to fuck something up.
1. Ton marmot à encore chié partout!
(Your baby shited everywhere again!)
2. Arrête de faire chier ton monde!
(stop pissing everybody off)
3. Et c'est là que ca a commencé à chier (dans la colle)
(And then the shit hit the fan)
4. J'ai chié mes exams.
(i fucked up my exams)
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A business in Portland/Stumptown, Oregon that goes around the city apprehending drunks. The drunks are then driven back to Chiers HQ (Aka: Hoopers/Hoppers), temporarily relieved of their possessions, thrown into cells, and kept there until they sober up-- at which point they're given their things back and a free bowl of soup. They will not devote any information to anyone (ever) outside their building, so if you get picked up for being too drunk and wake up the next morning, be sure to call your loved ones when you leave 'cause they're probably worried sick.
Chiers has an 8 o'clock line-up of homeless people waiting for the free soup handed out in the morning.
by Douglas Young September 23, 2007
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(fr.) to shit

Not to be confused with the french word wordmerde/word, which also means shit.
il a chier partout = He shit everywhere.
Il y a de merde de chien partout = There is dogshit everywhere.
by Ricky Roma December 23, 2003
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a word that means "poop" things for french canadian language! ;)
"Crisse to tu vu la face de Ben, on dirait ke son nez est un étron mal chier, sti d'chier d'marde chier!"
by Big-Cowboy November 04, 2003
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