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(n.) a meme that is overused to the extent where it is no longer considered comic worthy to the more mature culture of memes.
Pepe the Frog has become so common on the internet it has become a dead meme
rage comics are considered to be the deadest memes on the internet for their child friendliness
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A meme that has become irrelevant or unfunny, often due to age or overly cringeworthy use.

A Dead Meme does not have to be old; many people still continue to make Shrek jokes despite the many years since original thread.

Often times a Dead Meme can be revived, if only self-referential, or satirical. If not, it can be considered quite annoying for a Dead Meme to be used.
Person 1: Hey, remember that turning around dramatic chipmunk thing?

Person 2: Yeah, it's such a dead meme.

Person 1: I heard it got on the front page of imgur the other day.


Person 1: Ain't nobody got time fo--

Person 2: No, stop.

Person 2: That meme is dead as fuck.
by Dead Horse Jockey March 26, 2017
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A dead meme is when a meme becomes so wide spread that normies begin using it, which ruins the meme for everyone and makes them loose their original charm/funniness.
Man I really liked the harambe meme but it's a dead meme now and I can't say it without cringing
by SPELL ICUP NIBBA August 30, 2017
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When the dead horse is beat like an out of line step- kid.
by Fuckin_count June 08, 2016
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A dead meme is, not to be confused with dead memey (adjective), a meme that has lost popularity just as I lost faith in this earth.
That meme be so dead my boi. It is a dead meme
by Mortay January 09, 2018
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a really crusty unlikeable meme
person: ay man did you see this pepe meme?
me: ew no man that's a dead meme
by ferroot69 October 27, 2017
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Dead Memes, unlike Dank Memes or even Normie Memes, are memes known to have been not used for many years by mainstream Dank Meme Culture. Often killed by Normies, these memes are at the bottom of the barrel. Think of it this way - Dank Meme ---> Mainstream Meme ---> Normie Meme ---> Dead Meme. Examples include trollface, Stuff Things Stuff, Clean All The Things, and Rage Comics.
Memer - Bro, check out this Dank Meme.
Normie - Nah dude, that meme sucks ass. Check out this meme.
Memer - What the fuck is that dead meme? You normie piece of shit.
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by iBuyMountainDew March 12, 2018
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