1. Lacking intelligence.
2. Having no feeling in one's nut.
1. Get you head out of the oven, numb nut.
2. That ice will give you a numb nut.
by Pete October 13, 2003
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-when one is being cluelessly dumb
-when a person thinks that they're right about something in which they're really not in reality
2cool4school: yo mang, who wanna battle
Usuck@life: battle yourself...i'll judge
2cool4school: ....wtf?
Usuck@life: it was a joke, numb nuts
by nicole April 12, 2004
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An incredibly stupid person.
John is a numb nuts, he thaught Berlin was in France!
by Gring May 26, 2006
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The metaphoric comparison of a useless un-inteligent person to useless sterile testicals.
that fuck'n numb nuts must of hit his head on the bathroom floor when his mother squated and shit him out her yeast infected cunt.
by shmottzie August 21, 2003
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A beta player, an absolute novice
My manz is a numb nuts, he won't give me a drink
by Baddies_In_The_Club March 25, 2022
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a person that makes unthoughtful mistakes, acting without thought
by Evan February 20, 2003
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