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1. Lacking intelligence.
2. Having no feeling in one's nut.
1. Get you head out of the oven, numb nut.
2. That ice will give you a numb nut.
by Pete October 12, 2003
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Numbnuts (nuhm-nuhts)

1. The stupidest of the stupid. A complete dumbass, one whose intelligence quotient does not surpass that of the average rock.

2. An utter disgrace of humanity.

3. One whose purpose in life is meaningless; a complete and total waste of life.

4. An ignorant, arrogant asshole.

See jerkoff, fuckhead, asswipe, shitfucker.
Definition 1 Examples:
The "Let me hold a sheath the wrong way and whip out the knife and slice off my fingers" stupid.

The "let me try to break the sharp end of the knife with my penis" stupid.

The "Let's Try and juggle chainsaws a flamethrower and your mother in law with my ass cheeks" stupid.

The "bash syphillis infected fags with my rock hard cock with a cut on it from me trying to break the sharp end of a knife with it" stupid.
by ~Seou Kajima May 29, 2005
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-when one is being cluelessly dumb
-when a person thinks that they're right about something in which they're really not in reality
2cool4school: yo mang, who wanna battle
Usuck@life: battle yourself...i'll judge
Usuck@life: it was a joke, numb nuts
by nicole April 12, 2004
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A dumbass. A person of questionable intelligence, usually a male for obvious reasons. If reason is not obvious, perhaps you are a numbnut.
The numbnut tried to run away, but failed to realize his shoes were tied together.
by Matt Heller December 17, 2003
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Correct spelling of numnut. Normally used as an insult meaning idiot. However, also implies that the recipient is a coward, sterile or impotent. A combination of numb and nut, where nut is a slang for testicle. In other words, a man who cannot feel his testicles and acts accordingly.
"Are you lookin at me, numbnut? Cause if you are, I'm going to damage what's left of your courage."
by wkc December 01, 2006
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