17 definitions by Baddies_In_The_Club

when that disk is sticky af and tastes and feels realll
Dammmm boy's got a licorice
by Baddies_In_The_Club March 27, 2022
A beta player, an absolute novice
My manz is a numb nuts, he won't give me a drink
by Baddies_In_The_Club March 25, 2022
She just wanna fuck for the clout you know she just smash for the ass but you know what she's about though but you still fuck!! CLOUT CHASER!!!!!
by Baddies_In_The_Club March 29, 2022
I heard the boarding school won't let you go to your cousin's 4th birthday because your family fights, that's bullshit
I know we're gonna razzle dazzle everyone though, we're not stupid enough to fight in public
by Baddies_In_The_Club March 25, 2022
Ariana Grande on Instagram: #VaxxednMasked
Me: aww shit now I need to be vaxxed n masked because ari is
by Baddies_In_The_Club March 30, 2022
Teek means the bestest of the best. Teek tier. #1. So I'd someone walks up to you and tells you your teek, it's the highest compliment you can get. Also, keet backwards.
Damn, those crocs are teek tier!!

by Baddies_In_The_Club March 22, 2022